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The Gradient Texture plug-in is designed to give Illustrator gradients the subtle shading characteristics of image-based texturing techniques while maintaining the resolution-independent qualities of a vector drawing environment. While it is necessary to specify a resolution for the textures, that resolution can be changed at any time, and the textures will look exactly the same at the new resolution. Designers can work at low resolutions while creating their artwork and then have the Gradient Texture plug-in recreate the textures for print resolution. This technique also works well when both print and Web documents must be produced simultaneously.

The texture controls in the Gradient Texture palette determine the basic characteristics of a gradient texture. The transformation controls can then be used to further refine the texture by determining its scale and other attributes. The rasterization controls determine the color space and resolution of the gradient texture, and they can be changed at any time without affecting the appearance of the texture.


This example shows how the gradient palette can be utilized to modify the current gradient texture object. Notice that any modification done to the gradient palette reflects on to the gradient texture object. This example shows that you can shift the gradient stops to vary the gradient texture object.
This animation shows how you can vary the detail parameter found in the Gradient Texture Palette. Notice how more subtle textures accumulates as the detail number increases. You can also vary the scale of your design, as shown in this animation.
This animation show how easy it is to modify colors, gradient stops, and scale to create different textures. These are more examples of Gradient Texture objects.

Gradient Texture allows you to save your textures into a file so that you can share or backup your designs. It ships with over 200 presets for you to use! With Gradient Texture, you can create highly sophisticated textures and still resolution independence.


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