Graphics Arts - Virtual Mirror has been developing plugins for Adobe Illustrator since the inception of the plugin interface five years ago. Our mission has always been to bring the look of traditional illustration techniques into the industry-standard illustration software. If you have a project in mind that would really push Illustrator to its limits and open up new creative opportunities to desktop designers, we would love to assist you in making that project a reality.

Digital Imaging - As registered developers for both Kodak and Hewlet-Packard's digital imaging products, we know how to build consumer-friendly applications around these great cameras.

QuickTime VR - Our work with digital cameras has led quite naturally into the realm of Apple's QuickTime VR. If you need to incorporate VR panoramas into your web site, from image acquisition to web site design, we can expedite the process.

Java - As graphics specialists, we limit our Java services to projects that are graphically intensive. If you have a need for accelerated graphics, we can most likely add a bit of zip to your applet.

Animation - As our traditional illustration media technologies improve, we are moving closer to our ultimate goal of creating a new kind of computer animation. Simply put, we wish to capture the warmth and vitality of children's storybook illustrations and incorporate the element of time. If you have an interest in collaborating on this kind of a project, be it in the 3-D Studio, SoftImage, After Effects, or Animo environments please give us a call.

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