Envelope Mesh

The Envelope Mesh plug-in is useful for performing shape editing operations on text or artwork using another object as a guide. A typical example is using the outline of a shape to shrink and elongate letterforms to simulate the appearance of a banner curling in the wind. In this example, the banner shape, which is much simpler than the letterforms, is manipulated using standard point editing controls, and all of the control points of the letterforms conform to the general shape of the controlling outline.

Why another enveloping tool?

  • It's Live! - Once you create envelopes, edit them anytime you desire while working with your document. Since it's live, you still have access to the original art and will not loose it. Also, editing envelopes is a snap using Illustrator's own tools right on the page!

  • Customizable Presets - Create your own envelopes and save the preset to a file. This way, you recall and reuse them when you need them. Plus, Envelope Mesh comes with over 80 fully editable presets.

  • Inner controls - Unlike other enveloping tools, which deal with controls only on the edges, Envelope Mesh can allow you to alter "inner" control points or "mesh" like controls - giving new meaning to envelopes.

Windows System Requirements:
Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or 9.0.
Pentium PC or compatible
Windows 95/98 or NT
32 MBs of RAM
CD-ROM drive

Macintosh System Requirements:
Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or 9.0.
System 7.5.5. or later
32 MBs of RAM (with 26 MB available to Adobe Illustrator).
CD-ROM drive

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