Vector Studio 2.0 - Reviews

"If there's one Illustrator plug-in you should buy, this is it" Computer Arts

"Vector Studio 2 is a truly fantastic Illustrator plug-in. In fact we'd go as far to say it's the best suite of add-on Illustrator tools around. Virtual Mirror has truly thought about the integration of this plug-in; just look at how all the tools blend seamlessly into the original interface. We don't often award five stars to products, but this one deserves it." 12/02

"A comprehensive third party upgrade to Illustrator...Virtual Mirror has once again provided some amazing new power...If you want to give your Illustrator work an expert edge, this is the ideal solution." Tom Arah 5/03


Vector Studio 1.0 - Reviews

  • MacUser 5 mice
    " All in all, Vector Studio is the best set of Illustrator tools in years - and probably the most useful plug-in collection ever. Plug-ins don't come better than this"- Steve Caplin 10/00

  • Macworld 4mice
    "...Vector Studio's Envelope Mesh tool offers the ultimate in precision, letting you reshape objects by dragging external and internal mesh points. The Gradient Texture tool is another Vector Studio stand out, creating vector-based textures that resemble bitmaps yet remain resolution-independent. But Vector Studio's most indispensable filter is the Selection Hat, which lets you save and recall any selection - a lifesaver in complex files."- Galen Fott 12/00

  • I-US 4  star
    ". The six products included in Vector Studio will help streamline the jobs that designers do every day. ...give you an idea of how much control you have with these powerful plug-ins."- Joyce Evans 11/00