Online Support - FAQ

  • I have to re-enter my serial number each time I launch Illustrator.
    This problem can happen if you are using the Macintosh and Illustrator is crashing when you quit Illustrator (thus causing the serial number to not be saved in Illustrator's preferences file). If this is the case, you will need to increase the mininum memory size of Illustrator to prevent Illustrator from crashing.

    Another possibility is that Illustrator's preference file may be corrupt. To fix this, first make a backup of the preference file. On Windows with Adobe Illustrator 8, this is located in Illustrator's folder. On the Mac, the preference folder is inside the system folder. Second, delete the preference file. Third, launch Illustrator and type in the serial number. Finally, quit Illustrator immediately. Now see if you can bring up Illustrator without having to type in the serial number.

  • When I launch Illustrator, it crashes.
    The Vector Studio folder must be installed in the Illustrator Plug-ins folder - not the Illustrator Extensions folder. If Vector Studio is in the Extensions folder, Illustrator may crash.

  • Where is the electronic version of the manual.
    Find the Virtual Mirror folder inside Illustrator's plug-ins folder. Then go into the folder of the product you purchased (such as Vector Studio). In that folder you should find a documents folder, this contains a pdf file of the user manual.

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