Virtual Mirror Vector Studio 2.0 Quick Start Guide


Vector Studio 2.0 Tool Shortcuts:

Please note <Alt> and <Ctrl> refers to Windows keys, while <Option> and <Command> refers to Macintosh.

Direction Handler Tools:

(1) Direction Handler (2) Horizontal Symmetry (3) Vertical Symmetry (4) Quad Symmetry (5) Cross Insertion Tools.

Result Action
Select or cycle through Direction Handler Tools Shift + 'A'
Insert point Alt/Option -click
Constrain movement to 45 angles about the anchor (center) point Shift - drag
Constrain movement to 45 angles about the hit point Shift + Ctrl/Command - drag
Toggle horizontal axis of symmetry 'X' - drag
Toggle vertical axis of symmetry 'Y' - drag
Break smooth to corner points Alt/Option - drag
Show all direction handles Single click inside a selected object
Use of marquee for marking Click - drag

Wrinkle Remover Tool:

Result Action
Change brush size Alt/Option - drag
Constrain brush size Alt/Option + Shift - drag

Sampler Tools:

(1) Color (2) Transparency (3) Weight (4) Weighted Transform Tools

Result Action
Tuning mode Click - drag on top of empty region or selected region
Image Sampling mode Click - drag on top of non-selected objects
Gradient Sampling mode Alt/Option + Click - drag
Toggle between radial and linear gradient 'X' - drag
Reposition gradient spacebar - drag
Sample flat color for Color Tool Shift - click
Sample gradient color for Color Tool Alt/Option + Shift - click
Constrain sliders to 10% increments in Tuning mode Shift
Select a particular slider in Tuning mode. e.g. in HSB mode, if you want to change the saturation, you must press '2' '1', '2', '3', or '4' - drag
Change to Local or Global transform mode in Weighted Transform Tool Shift - click, either on selected object or empty region

Retouch Brush Tools:

(1) Color Brush (2) Brighten Brush (3) Darken Brush (4) Saturate Brush (5) Clone Brush Tools

Result Action
Change brush size Alt/Option - drag
Change brush intensity Alt/Option + Shift - drag
Sample flat color for Color Brush Tool Shift - click
Define a Sample Object in Clone Brush Tool Shift - click


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